Marilyn Bauman employs intense color, sharp contrasts, and active lines in her paintings. Her subjects range from portraits, to still life, to landscapes. Scenes from Key West and the fishing villages of Florida, the rocky coast of Massachusetts, the architecture of Quebec, as well as Wilmington, Delaware's, riverfront, Yorklyn, Delaware's, pastures, and Bermudas lush tropical colors have inspired her work. However, it is the rolling fields and medieval towns of Provence, southern France, the Cinque Terre, and Tuscany that have most recently been transformed into her kaleidoscopic and energetic vision.

An author and educator as well as an artist, Marilyn has written articles on art and artists for Delaware Today magazine, the Wilmington News Journal, and Vistas (the journal of The Barnes Foundation). Her first book, Edward L. Loper. Sr., The Prophet of Color: A Disciple's Reflections, was published in 1999.

After receiving an MA degree in English, Marilyn taught for twenty-five years in the writing programs of several universities (including sixteen years at the University of Delaware). In 1991, she became executive director of the Delaware Institute for the Arts in Education (DIAE), an aesthetic education program for Delaware teachers and their students based on John Dewey's educational theories and modeled on the Lincoln Center Institute in New York City. During the past ten years, she developed and taught ""Adventures in Perception," a seminar in aesthetics and appreciation of the visual arts based on the pedagogy developed by Dr. Albert Barnes and Violette de Mazia at The Barnes Foundation. This seminar, sponsored by the Violette de Mazia Foundation, has been presented at the Delaware Art Museum and the Academy of Lifelong Learning in Wilmington. Marilyn also taught another seminar held at The Barnes Foundation, sponsored by the Violette de Mazia Foundation and accredited by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. She has taught Adventures in Perception at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Delaware State University, and the Delaware Art Museum. She was appointed director of education for the Foundation in June 2003, a position she held until 2011.

Marilyn writes a blog, "Art Matters," that deals with aesthetic appreciation.  To read it, go to:

Marilyn has been exhibiting regularly for more than twenty-five years in regional, solo, and group shows. Her work is in many private and public collections, including Wilmington Trust Bank, MBNA, the Division of Libraries Art Collection of the State of Delaware, and the Blount Collection of American Art.